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Color Changing Yellow Frosted Glass Tumbler - Zip Code - Personalized

Color Changing Yellow Frosted Glass Tumbler - Zip Code - Personalized

imperfect by design co

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Zip Code, Peachtree City - 16oz Yellow Color Changing Frosted Glass Jar Tumbler

Exclusive imperfect by design co design

This design is part of our Hometown Pride Collection & features:

🌿 vibrant & high quality print
🌿 perfect for ☀️hot or ❄️ cold beverages

Introducing our Hometown Pride Collection: the 16 Ounce Frosted Glass Jar Tumbler. Witness the mesmerizing transformation as the frosted glass turns into a vibrant yellow hue when filled with cold beverages, creating an enchanting visual experience that will captivate your senses.

Meticulously crafted for durability and sustainability, this tumbler is made from high-quality glass, reducing single-use plastic waste. The sealed bamboo lid ensures a secure fit, while the reusable plastic straw adds convenience to your sipping experience.

Personalize your tumbler with a custom graphic featuring your chosen zip code in a multi-colored font, elegantly showcasing your city and state in script font. It's a striking statement piece that reflects your deep hometown pride.

With its practical 16-ounce capacity and versatile design, this tumbler is your ideal companion for on-the-go hydration. Whether it's work, the gym, or any adventure, celebrate your community and embrace your roots with every sip from our Hometown Pride Collection.

Order your tumbler today and immerse yourself in the joy of hometown pride. Experience the transformation and let your tumbler become a symbol of your cherished community.

The perfect souvenir, also makes an ideal gift for:

🌿 Busy Moms, Siblings, Grandmas etc.
🌿 New neighbors
🌿 Family Members
🌿 College Students
🌿 Co-workers
🌿 Anyone on the go


🌿 Straw included
🌿 Removable Bamboo lid with Silicone Gasket 


🌿 16oz


🌿 color changing glass can / tumbler / jar
🌿 straw included
🌿 removable bamboo lid with silicone gasket 

Care information

🌿 dishwasher safe (top-rack, no extreme heat cycles)
🌿 microwave safe (avoid extreme heat setting)

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🌿 Non-Refundable Fees

Personalized / Custom orders
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🌿 designed
🌿 professionally printed
🌿 shipped

from our studio in Peachtree City, GA